“Healthy skin is most beautiful”: Dearberry Bloggers Launch

Let me just start this post by being honest that I will never have the fortitude to become a beauty blogger/vlogger. My hat’s off to those who are successful in this field of blogging. For one thing, I don’t even know how to take a proper selfie, more so taking videos of myself. I can’t even do a decent flat lay! It also takes more energy than my ambivert self can handle. But I can be kikay and do little reviews of products I like. I actually do that on my Instagram rather than here. However, this new brand has challenged me to market them and I do see the potential. (Marketing and Teaching are two of the things I love to do.)


Dearberry is a Korean brand launched in 2012 by FINE Bio Inc., an offshoot company of Korean cosmetics magnate JULIA Co. Ltd. which was established in 1956. Within a year of the launch, Dearberry had domestic sales of almost $2 million, and almost $5 million by the second year. Last year, they had launched their pop-up stores outside of Korea through Watsons Singapore. Currently, they are looking forward to opening a pop-up store here!

The Philippines had been globalized in terms of cosmetic products with various European and American drug store and high-end make-up brands in recent years. Simultaneously, Asian brands from Korea and Japan had come to PH soil in the last decade as well. Dearberry is looking forward to joining the competitive industry of cosmetics here in the country.

What makes Dearberry stand out from their competitors is their brand essence.

Affordable high quality cosmetics made with ingredients from nature.

These ingredients are berries, flowers, grains, plants, mineral water and alpine herbs which are formulated to nourish and revitalize skin. As the name implies, berries are much in use in the products and their 8 berry complex from the extract of Blueberry, Acai berry, Raspberry, Aronia berry, Elderberry, Cranberry, Blackberry and Strawberry, provides skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

The 8 berries
The 8 berries

“Healthy skin is most beautiful.”

Dearberry believes that having healthy skin should be the priority before going on to treatment of various skin problems which explains their commitment to quality and health in their products.

The prices? Affordable and competitive with what’s in the market today. Dearberry believes in not scrimping on quality even at affordable prices.

Got everything I have written from here and the talks :D
Got everything I have written from here and the talks 😀

I was invited to the launch thru Facebook and Bloggers ng Pinas by Shaula of Dearberry Philippines. (Without us knowing that we were classmates in elementary!) As little as I knew about being a beauty blogger, I decided to accept the invitation out of curiosity when I saw the products online. I have been enamored with several Korean brands at the moment and wanted to find out about this new one. So I cleared my Saturday afternoon of meetings and marketing goals, then trooped to Joy-Nostalg (Oakwood) in Ortigas for the launch.


There were beauty bloggers at the event but, as I felt out of place, I kept quiet in my own seat. That is, until they started handing out the samples to try. I’m so happy to have met these ladies although most of them I got to interact more on Facebook after the event. Shoutout to Shy (of www.shyieeslove.com) who came from the boondocks of Rizal like me and became my instant blog buddy that day 🙂

When it comes to Korean make-up and skin care, I am a bit hard to impress since I worked at a Korean academy as a video/song talent and it required me to put make up and take care of my skin the way my Korean employers (and students) taught me to. I am happy to say that I found Dearberry products at par and even greater at times to some of the Korean-made products I’ve tried in the past.

Some of the products that did impress me were the Play Choux and Magic Oil Control primer. The former is a make-up base/highlighter that you can mix with BB cream and be set for the day. The latter is quite similar to Benefit’s Porefessional Primer. I tried it on my oily T-zone during the launch and it made me look less oily. Sadly, they were not included in the samples we were given so I’ll do reviews for those when I get the chance to buy them.

From the samples in our loot bag we were given to try, I fell in love with the Cheek Kiss. I have no idea how to use a lip and cheek tint but this product makes it easy. The shade is in Starbust. Now, it’s an essential part of my kikay kit. I actually brought it with me to a company outing in Tagaytay the next day after the launch and it was easy to travel with and gave me color even when I looked tired.

The skin care line was great as well. I was particularly impressed with Berry Juicy Sleeping Gel (that looked similar to another Korean brand’s) and the Snail Repair Eye Cream (which they were generous to give out a small sample for the attendees). Both had good consistency and were light on the skin. I’ll be trying out the eye cream soon.

We were treated to good food and a great make-up demo from Ms. Beck. (Sorry, I forgot the name of the model)


We also met Mr. Vince Ting of Dearberry Korea.

Mr. Vince Ting, Dearberry Korea
Mr. Vince Ting, Dearberry Korea

He talked to us about the great opportunities with Dearberry.

Currently, Dearberry is available thru Bamrock Merchandising, an authorized dealer of Dearberry, and thru direct selling. Soon they may launch a pop-up store in the country. Let’s get the word out about Dearberry so the pop-up store may happen sooner!

For orders or dealership opportunities, they can be contacted thru Facebook or Instagram, Dearberry Philippines and @dearberry.ph respectively.

I will be doing several reviews soon on the products from the samples I got at the event. Also, when I get to buy some of the products I liked, I will post them as well.

Loot bag items! (I really don't know how to do flat lays >_<)
Loot bag items!
(I really don’t know how to do flat lays >_<)

Let’s all be the best version of ourselves and be healthy-beautiful with Dearberry!

Welcome Dearberry :)
Welcome Dearberry 🙂




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